Melissa Miller Hudson

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Melissa Miller
Residing In: Clemmons, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Jeff
Occupation: Dental Assistant/Tech
Children: Alex Hudson, born 1989. Attends Appalachian State will transfer to NC State in the fall. Major: Engineering. More… Minor: Chinese

Andrew Hudson, born 1993. Attends West Forsyth High School plans to Major in Engineering. (We will see, only in 10th grade now)
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Wow seems so long ago. After high school I continued my education at VCC. Worked at Sea World for a total of 4 years. I ended up graduating at Orlando Votech for Dental Assisting.
I went on to become a Dental Lab tech. Married my husband Jeff (also a Evans graduate, class of 1982) in 1985, and have lived an amazing life since. Our first home was in downtown Orlando, we completely restored and sold 13 years later. We then moved to Winter Park so the kids could benefit from the awesome school system and the nurturing living environment. My husband was offered a promotion that required us to move to Winston-Salem, North Carolina and we did. Moving was not easy with a then 10 yr old and 14 yr old that LOVED their home, friends, family, and yes their SCHOOLS! We moved to a small town called Clemmons, just outside of Winston-Salem. Population 15,000. Jeff left his job of 20 years with US Airways (we really enjoyed traveling) and moved back to Winter Park.......for six months. Kids were very happy, parents not. Jeff got a new job with American Express in Greensboro, NC and moved back into our Clemmons house. It's been over three years now and we love North Carolina. The boys are living the life we had while growing up in Pine Hills...remember what a great town we had! We rode our bikes everywhere. T G & Y , Fairway market, and Publix was where we shopped. Roller skating was more than exercising....and we felt safe. My nest is beginning to empty...I am thankful that we are all healthy and happy and looking forward to the future..(even though our 401 K's have tanked along with every other "safe" investment we have.) I am still working three days week, enjoy sewing, exercising at Curves, and hiking in the mountains with our cocka-poo, Abby. Jeff and I would like to downsize after Andrew goes to college but everyone says when the grandchildren start coming you will wish you had room! What I miss most about leaving Florida is knowing that the likelihood of running into old friends and classmates just isn't going to happen. I remember standing in line at CFEFCU and seeing Cheryl Friend...or the grocery store..Natasha Cline or in my old neighborhood, Gloria Moy. Refinancing a loan, Cindy Branch. Joanne Puckett at her daughter's music performance. People I will always remember from my early childhood to graduation.

School Story:

High school was a bit of a blur for me. My goal was to just get out! Things I remember...The cement bench where the guys would dip and spit. Smokers area (I would try to hold my breath while walking by) Mr Davis and his war stories. Ms Specht telling me I have a lot of gymnastics talent but was too fat! Oh, to be 116 lbs again I would be thrilled. Eating lunch with same people of which I can only remember one...Sylvia VanRynsoever....she would bring her lunch everyday. A healthy lunch. A very smart girl! Tamara Tinney let me borrow her car to take my drivers test. Passed! That was a milestone for me. Thanks Tamara! She was always trying to set me up. I was a late bloomer. Sheila Schmitt was my student assistant buddy. Remember Prom... It was weird going with guys that didn't go to Evans. Mrs Cravey to this day was my favorite teacher. I wonder how many people became Humanities majors because of her. Zeddie Evans remember him, I understand he died along time ago...always made me smile.
Terry Dunagin's parties were the best! Her mom gave so much. She was always helping with dances, parties, and school functions. I still have my little bail of cotton from the 9th grade dance! Know wonder Terry you are such a success. Where is Sherri Kovalski?! That girl was my hero. She would have a goal, and achieve it. I would love to hear from her.
Cheryl Friend in Ms. Highsmith's class. We tried not to laugh as Ms. Highsmith was telling us about how her friend got crabs.
Homeroom was always special to me...because of the same people..Linda Miller was always in the seat ahead of me.
Other little things I noticed about my classmates...Jimmy Martin always wore his arm on test days. Marvin Moore was very funny. Cindy Weber, and Rocki Collins always had a smile on their face. Brenda DyGraaf had hair like Fara Fawsett's. Janice Croud stood behind her convictions. Senior Sally Russ was as nice as she was pretty. Freshman Gabe Corea, died way too soon. I thought high school was a blur. That was insightful. Now, just don't ask me what I had for dinner...

Did you follow the career path you had planned in high school?

Career Path?

It's Saturday Night: Where were you THEN?

Working and hanging out Florida Festival.

It's Saturday Night: Where are you NOW?

Home with my husband...waiting for my teenager to make curfrew.

What kind of car did you drive in high school? Did you carpool? If so, with whom?

Datsun B210. I carpooled with Kathy and Karen Wallace

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