Richard Ring

Profile Updated: April 8, 2009
Richard Ring
Residing In: Orlando, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Vanna Ring (Kendrick)
Occupation: Police LT
Children: Travis and Matt Ring....Travis is a Deputy Sheriff and Matt works at OPD
Military Service: Navy (Submarines)  
Yes! Attending Reunion
Did you follow the career path you had planned in high school?

Wanted to work underwater...didn't care. Guess I did get to go underwater but it was in a submarine. The cop thing came after 10 years in the Navy...always wanted to have a job that was exciting and out doors.

It's Saturday Night: Where were you THEN?

Usually hung out with a few friends at their houses. Mom and Dad wouldn't let me do too much driving around at night...had to sneak out.

It's Saturday Night: Where are you NOW?

If I am not at work...I am with Vanna at home relaxing. Every now and then we go out with friends. Really like the quiet and feeling of home.

What kind of car did you drive in high school? Did you carpool? If so, with whom?

Purple Chevy Vega (that was really cool LOL) and a yellow Mercury Maverick (another chick getter)

What are your best and worst high school memories?

Best were the times I spent with my now wife...skipped a few classes even signed up to be a student assistant in her chem class...I didn't know a damn thing about chemistry. Having to deal with Kelly Johnson and his ego...came to Evans pretty confident he did his best to wreck that...