Kristi Baetzman Tyrrell

Profile Updated: March 16, 2009
Residing In: Deland, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Mike Tyrrell
Occupation: Realtor
Children: Alec, born 1992; Austin, born 1994
Who referred you to this site:

Terry Dunagin turned me in to Cindy and the rest is history.

School Story:

I remember Mike Miceli giving me directions to his house; so of all things, we could tp his house. He even drew a map indicating where the tall pine trees were located in his front yard so "we" would be able to identify his house. As I recall, Jon Greishber was driving and Mark Sarharski was involved. Jamie Sowers was with us and I think Janice Croud was there as well. Let's see...Laura Allard was with us too, because Laura and I had to dive behind the hedge when the car pulled in the driveway! Funny thing...not only did we almost get caught, but it was the wrong house! Thanks Mike! BTW...the pine trees were properly decorated.

Extracurricular Activities in High School:

My big loves were Volleyball and Yearbook.

Did you follow the career path you had planned in high school?

I had no idea what I wanted to do career wise.

It's Saturday Night: Where were you THEN?

I was either hanging out with friends or on our boat somewhere on the St. Johns River!

It's Saturday Night: Where are you NOW?

We are with family or friends having dinner at our home or theirs.

What kind of car did you drive in high school? Did you carpool? If so, with whom?

I had a blue MG Midget. I never knew where I would find my car parked after volleyball practice. No one ever confessed, but sometimes my car ended up on the football field! Sometimes I would find my car turned sideways in the parking space between two other cars. Do you think after 30 years someone will confess?

I carpooled with Donna Ruth Osborne, class of '78, but Jamie Sowers was always with us.

What are your best and worst high school memories?

As I reflect, high school was a blast! Reading your profiles makes me realize that I had so many good people for friends. For some reason, I could not wait to attend college. I regret not keeping in touch with many of my classmates.

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